She is nothing short of the most courageous, compassionate and tactical attorney

“Elizabeth Parker has represented me for the past 2 years. She is nothing short of the most courageous, compassionate and tactical attorney I have ever met. What I have come to admire most about Elizabeth Parker is her unwavering commitment to seeking justice .She is truly passionate about her work and her clients. Elizabeth Parker saved my life with her efforts and I could not recommend her highly enough”

– Jessica

As Passionate, Committed & Capable as a Client could hope for

“Elizabeth Parker (or “Liz” as she prefers) has the qualities every client hopes they are fortunate enough to have in an attorney. I write this review from personal experience; as both a client of Ms. Parker as well as a client of several other attorneys whom gave me a point of reference as to the quality of representation I was receiving.

The other attorneys had slick websites and “credentials” that they promptly displayed. However, it was quickly apparent that they were not committed to my best interests.

However, you would never know that Liz was previously one of the most highly regarded Assistant State attorneys in Palm Beach County, and has been involved in the defense of some of the most high-profile criminal cases in recent Palm Beach County history. (Nor that she has authored books and been interviewed on national news broadcasts & investigative reports).
That’s because Liz’ focus is on her clients, not bragging about her personal achievements. And, if you are lucky enough to have her represent you, that focus results in her complete, energetic and committed defense of your case and advocacy of your best interests. Liz is thinking (and worrying) about her clients 24/7.

When you combine that level of commitment along with her exceptional depth of legal knowledge and personal connections, you get a lawyer like the central character of a movie. I can confidently state the Liz will afford the best possible outcome for whatever situation requires her attention.

It’s not easy to be a strong advocate for someone’s behavior on what may be their worst day, or for actions which they may have been falsely accused of. Liz provides the advocacy everyone deserves in our justice system, but which unfortunately very few get. If you need a defense attorney, hiring Liz Parker, will be a smart decision that hopefully counterbalances whatever poor decision(s) you may have made previously. (Including hiring inferior attorneys – like I did).

I procrastinated writing this review, because situations that require hiring a defense attorney are unpleasant and stressful, and once over you want to move on with your life and not relive the memory. However, if this review helps even one person navigate our very challenging justice system – it will be than worth it.”

– Christopher

“Most legal transactions can be complex and arduous. I could not have been happier with Ms. Parker ‘s professionalism and personality. She was courteous, prompt and respectful at all times. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

– Cheryl

Ms Parker is Excellent, Personal and Compassionate.

“Ms. Parker took a serious situation and made it manageable. My case spanned almost a year and a half, yet she never ceased to make herself available, or timely answer my questions. She worked closely with my defense counsel in a related civil case which was a tremendous help. Her compassion, expertise, counsel, knowledge and effectiveness in defending my case make Ms. Parker excellent and unique.”

– Anonymous

The best of the best

“I cannot emphasize what an outstanding attorney Elizabeth is. She gave us our lives back. She is professional, diligent and great at what she does. She truly cares about her clients. She is unlike anyone I have ever met and if you get the chance to have her on your side, take it. She is a miracle worker in my eyes.”

– Leah