Billionaire Glenn Straub’s ex-girlfriend claims his company filed fraudulent liens as revenge

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A civil court battle is underway between Wellington developer Glenn Straub’s Palm Beach Polo company and his former girlfriend.

It’s all over $77,000 Palm Beach Polo claims she owes for work on her two properties.

But the former girlfriend claims it’s really about revenge over her attempts to leave Straub.

Straub, 71, is the president of Palm Beach Polo. In March, 2017 the company filed a breach of contract lawsuit against Jessica Nicodemo, 34, claiming she owed the money for excavation and other work done by the company on her Loxahatchee ranch and Wellington townhouse.

The mega-developer, Straub, who once owned the Miami Arena, and more recently bought and sold the Revel Casino in Atlantic City, often takes his business disputes to court.

Nicodemo said unknown to her, Straub’s company also slapped liens on both properties so she couldn’t sell them.

In court documents, Nicodemo’s lawyer said the liens are fraudulent.

“We believe the liens are completely fraudulently because Jessica was trying to break up with him – she was trying to end the relationship and he did this to exact revenge on her, to control her and to prevent that from happening,” said lawyer Elizabeth Parker.

Reached by phone in New York, Straub said that was ridiculous.

“For a billionaire, an $80,000 lien put on her house…do you think we have time to put a fictitious lien on something?” said Straub.

In court, Nicodemo is now seeking to add more claims against Palm Beach Polo, and to bring Straub into the lawsuit.

As part of her complaint, she includes pages of what she alleges are texts from Straub, claiming they illustrate the pressure he was using to get her to stay with him. Some of them read:

“The first day you don’t check in is the first day I put a Leon(sic) on your house. Then try to sell it.”

“Can’t understand why you would want to test me. When only a call would have saved you a boatload of trouble. I have no guilt now you deserve everything you get.”

“I told you what your future is and I’m good at seeing the future or making the future…but I would rather declare a truce and go to a movie with you to slow this WAR down.”
“Let the games begin.”

Nicodemo, a business owner and president of Pet Haven Animal Rescue, said she almost fell apart during months of lawyer fees, litigation and texts from Straub.
But, after meeting Parker, she is fighting back in court.

Straub dismisses her claims, and Parker’s legal efforts.

“It’s a contingency case. She’s just trying to go after the big billionaire,” he said.

In the next hearing, the judge will decide whether to accept Nicodemo’s new claims, and whether to bring Straub into the case as a third party.

Craig Galle, the lawyer for Palm Beach Polo did not return calls and emails for response.